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  • Factory Investment

    Songjiang Group Factory Investment In 2017, Shanghai Songjiang Shock Absorber Group invested 120 million RMB to construct the "annual output of 1.02 million pieces of shock absorber project" in Nantong Shuangdian Industrial Zone, and completed the construction and moved to Nantong factory in the year 2018.   Factory Investment in Automatic Production Equipment Automatic small material batching machine Full automatic large material batching machine Automatic feeding system Automatic rubber turning mixer Curtain glue application line Automatic forming machine Automatic vulcanization equipment CNC mold machining center Mold center Numerical control glue cutting machine Thermostatic Control System Factory Investment in Testing Center Universal tensile testing machine Pressure test equipment Rubber sulfur tester X-Ray Fluoroscope Damper dynamometer Hydraulic burst test system Internal mixing…

  • Automatic Production Equipment

    The new factory introduces a large number of automatic intelligent equipment, mainly including automatic batching machine, automatic feeding machine, automatic rubber mixing machine, NC blanking machine, NC cutting…

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  • Testing Center

    Testing Center: Songjiang group has in-house testing center. The main testing equipment includes 3-liter internal mixer, 6-inch open mixer, rubber vulcanizer, universal tensile machine, low humidity tester, high…

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  • Storage center

    Nantong factory has its own warehouse center, which stores a large amount of stock and ensures the efficiency of shipping.

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