Foxconn Headquarters Building in Lujiazui, Shanghai – Spring Vibration Isolation

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Foxconn Headquarters Building in Lujiazui, Shanghai – Spring Vibration Isolation

[Shanghai Lujiazui Fujifilkang Headquarters Building] Spring shock absorber contract


Shanghai Songjiang shock absorber Group co., Ltd. official website for you to introduce: [Shanghai Lujiazui Foxconn Headquarters building] spring shock absorber contract information, Songjiang Group for all kinds of building projects supporting spring shock absorber, play a role in shock absorption and noise reduction, the following is detailed.

Foxconn Headquarters Building in Lujiazui, Shanghai - Spring Vibration Isolation

1. Introduction to Fuscom Headquarters Building in Lujiazui, Shanghai

Shanghai Foxconn Headquarters Building, located in Pudong New District, Shanghai, 21 floors high, is a LEED Platinum certified high-rise business office building of Shanghai green building, covering an area of 10,123 square meters, with a total construction area of 80,719 square meters.

Designed by Bama Dana Design Group and constructed by China Construction First Construction (Group) Co., LTD., it is expected to be completed in July 2015. It will be a benchmark building with intelligent, energy saving and environmental protection. Shanghai Foxconn headquarters building is a building. The new smart building will become Hon Hai’s operations center on the mainland and will serve as Foxconn’s trade and technology headquarters.

Foxconn Building project is located in lujiazui Financial Center, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, with a construction area of 82714.7 square meters and a building height of 95 meters. It is the first intelligent and energy-saving building. After completion, it will serve as the headquarters and operation center of Foxconn Group in Mainland China, and assume the functions of Foxconn trade and technology headquarters.

The foundation stone ceremony for the Foxconn Tower in Shanghai, invested by Taiwan’s Hon Hai Foxconn Technology Group, was held on Tuesday. Hon Hai Chairman Terry Gou led the company’s top officials to Shanghai to lay the foundation stone with a shovel and hold a special blessing ceremony for the building. Gou said that in the future, the group’s development focus will shift from export to domestic sales services, from “manufacturing Foxconn”, “technology Foxconn” onto the “trade Foxconn” road.

Two, Shanghai Lujiazui Foxconn Headquarters Building spring shock absorber contract introduction:


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Foxconn Headquarters Building in Lujiazui, Shanghai - Spring Vibration Isolation

Three, Shanghai Lujiazui Foxconn headquarters building with spring shock absorber introduction:

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