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  • Guiyang Metro Line 2 Project-Spring Vibration Isolation

    Songjiang Group provided spring shock absorbers for the Guiyang Metro Line 2 project. Guiyang Metro Line 2 is a subway line under construction in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, China. Line 2 has a total length of 43.8 kilometers and a total of 32 stations, with an average distance of 1.34 kilometers. It is divided into two phases (Qiji Intersection-Youzha Street) and Phase Two (Guizhou Steel-Shuiyan Dam). The station names are subject to opening. The total investment is 17.73 billion yuan, and it is planned to be completed and opened to traffic in 2020.

  • Xiamen Metro Line 2 Project-Rubber Joints

    Songjiang Group provided rubber joints for the Xiamen Metro Line 2 project. The Xiamen Metro Line 2 vehicles will use a new generation of non-contact logic control unit LCU products. The LCU system is used to replace hard-wired relay circuits in train control and realize its corresponding logic control functions. At the same time, the non-contact control mode of the LCU system can effectively improve vehicle redundancy, safety and reliability.

  • The third section of Guangzhou Metro Line 13-metal hose

    Songjiang Group provided metal hoses for the third section of Guangzhou Metro Line 13. Guangzhou Metro Line 13 is an important east-west traffic artery in Guangzhou. After the completion of the construction of the whole line (Chaoyang-Xiangjingling), it will connect the urban area of Guangzhou and the eastern suburbs. The transportation needs of the Eastern Development Group.

  • The second tender section of Xiamen Metro Line 1-rubber joints

    Songjiang Group provided rubber joints for the second section of Xiamen Metro Line 1. Xiamen Metro Line 1 (Zhenhai Road-Yannei) is the radial skeleton line from Xiamen Island to Jimei, which constructs a rapid cross-sea connection channel between Xiamen Island and Jimei, and serves Xiamen North Railway Station. The logo color is Minnan Red。

  • China Railway Engineering Machinery Research Institute-Rubber Joint

    Songjiang Group supplies rubber joints for China Railway Engineering Machinery Research Institute. China Railway Science and Industry Group Co., Ltd. was initiated by China Railway Corporation Limited, a Fortune 500 company in the world, and was established by the reorganization of three member companies within the group. It is the result of China Railway Group’s integration and internal industrial production resources.

  • Shanghai Rail Transit Line 9 Third Bid Section Project-Spring Vibration Isolation

    Songjiang Group provided suspension spring shock absorbers for the third section of Shanghai Rail Transit Line 9. Shanghai Rail Transit Line 9 is also called the Shensong Line, with sky blue as the symbol color, and the train formation adopts a 6-section marshalling method. The line is constructed by Shanghai MTR Construction Co., Ltd. and operated by Shanghai Metro Operation Co., Ltd.

  • Guangzhou Metro Line 6 Standard 1 project-rubber joints, metal hoses, corrugated compensators

    Songjiang Group provided rubber joints, metal hoses and corrugated compensators for the Guangzhou Metro Line 6 No. 1 project. Line 6 opened for trial operation at 14:00 on December 28, 2013. The peak-traffic interval at the initial stage of opening was 3 minutes 59 seconds, which was the line that realized the small-travel interval in the operation history of Guangzhou Metro at the initial stage of opening. Line 6 takes 48 minutes to complete the journey, and the full fare is 6 yuan.

  • Beijing Metro Line 9 West Station-Double Ball Rubber Joint

    Songjiang Group provided double-ball rubber joints for the cooling tower air-conditioning return and water pipes of the West Station of Beijing Metro Line 9. The construction of Beijing Metro Line 9 is of great significance for improving the traffic conditions in the west of the city, alleviating the traffic problems of Beijing West Railway Station, improving the travel conditions of Fengtai District, upgrading the city’s quality, and improving the investment environment.

  • Wuhan Metro Line 6 Freezing Station Project-Spring Vibration Isolation

    Songjiang Group provided damping spring shock absorbers for the Wuhan Metro Line 6 refrigeration station project. Wuhan Metro Line 6 connects Hanyang and Hankou, with a total length of 35.95km and 27 stations, mainly including Dongfeng Company, North of National Expo Center, Zhongjiacun, Qintai, Wusheng Road, Hanzheng Street, Liudu Bridge, Jianghan Road, and Dazhi Road , Hong Kong Road, Evergreen Garden, Oriental Horse City and other stations.

  • Xiamen Metro-Metal Hose

    Songjiang Group supplies metal hoses for Xiamen Metro. Xiamen Metro, also known as Xiamen Rail Transit, is an urban rail system serving Xiamen, with the purpose of improving public transportation capacity through connecting Xiamen Island and beyond. Xiamen Rail Transit is constructed, operated and managed by Xiamen Rail Transit Group Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned enterprise owned by Xiamen City.

  • Changsha Metro Project-Rubber Joints

    Songjiang Group provided rubber joints for the Changsha Metro Project. Changsha Rail Transit Group Co., Ltd. is mainly responsible for the financing, construction, operation, operation and management of rail transit projects. The company now has 17 departments, 9 subsidiaries, 1 branch, 3 joint ventures, and currently employs more than 2,000 people.

  • Qingdao Metro Line 8-Rubber Joint

    Songjiang Group provided rubber joints for Qingdao Metro Line 8. Metro Line 8 starts from Jiaozhou North Station in Jiaozhou City, passes through Hongdao Economic Zone, Licang District, Shibei District, and ends at May Fourth Square in Shinan District. The total length of the line is about 60.74 kilometers, 15 stations are set up, and the design maximum speed is 120 kilometers per hour. The total investment of the project is about 32.151 billion yuan, of which environmental protection investment is about 160 million yuan.