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  • Taicang Xinhai Wharf Project-Double Ball Rubber Joint

    Our company Songjiang Group provided double-ball rubber joints for Taicang Xinhai Wharf Project. The Xinhai Wharf project is located in the Xinjing operation area of Taicang Port District, Suzhou Port, which is a scarce high-quality deep-water shoreline resource. After completing the acquisition of 80% of the company’s equity this year, Suzhou Port Group will make reasonable planning and layout adjustments for the company’s high-quality shoreline resources. It will be based on high-efficiency production, resource conservation, environmental protection, environmental friendliness, technology leadership, and diversified functions. In accordance with the principle of building the Xinhai Wharf Project.

  • 5000 ton salvage crane pipe-laying ship Dehe wheel-rubber joint

    Songjiang Group provided rubber joints for the 5,000-ton salvage crane pipe-laying ship Dehe. The Yantai 5000T crane pipe-laying ship is one of the most difficult and most technologically advanced marine engineering projects undertaken by Zhenhua Company in the world. This project is a key investment project funded by the State Council and is also the current investment in the rescue system of the Ministry of Communications. The largest ship project.

  • Guangzhou Ship International – rubber joint

    Songjiang Group for Guangzhou ship international supporting rubber joint. GuangChuan international shipbuilding as the core business, can be designed and built in accordance with the world’s major shipping standard 3-60000 tons of liquid handy-size ships, large steel structure, port machinery, elevator products involving, mechanical and electronic products and software development, and successfully entered the ro-ro, roll-on ship, semi-submersible vessel high-tech, high value-added shipping market.