DN100 Rubber Expansion Elbow

DN100 Rubber Expansion Elbow

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Elbow Rubber Expansio […]

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Elbow Rubber Expansion Joints:

90-degree rubber elbows are widely used in piping and equipment systems to mitigatethe effects of vibration, noise, and stress fluctuations, providing protection and extendingthe lifespan of the piping and equipment. However, they are not suitable for outdoor useor applications with stringent fire safety requirements due to the risk of cracking and otherissues. lt is important to select the appropriate rubber material to match diferent media toensure proper functioning of the rubber elbows.

Changing Fluid Direction: It effectively alters the flow direction of fluids in pipeline systems.

Bending Functionality: It provides a 90-degree bending capability, facilitating layout and installation of pipelines in limited spaces.

Damping Effect: Rubber material elbows offer certain damping effects, aiding in reducing vibration and noise propagation in pipeline systems.

Corrosion Resistance: Some rubber elbows exhibit excellent corrosion resistance, suitable for pipeline systems in certain special conditions.

Easy Installation: They are generally easy to install, effectively simplifying the connection and layout of pipeline systems.

These characteristics make 90-degree elbows widely applicable in pipeline systems.

Our Commitment:
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2、Production Process: Rigorous control of each production stage with full traceability.;
3、Testing Center: Regular testing of raw materials, rubber compounds, finished product performance, pressure, load-bearing capacity, and deflection.;
4、After-Sales Service:Commonly used products: 3-year warranty. Products with high-temperature, acid/alkali resistance, and oil resistance requirements: 2-year warranty.Custom products for special applications: 1-year warranty.For any quality issues, we will provide a written response within 12 hours and a resolution within 24 hours. If there is a quality problem, our factory will replace the product free of charge.;

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