BE-40 Rubber Vibration Isolation


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BE-40 Rubber Vibration Isolation

BE Rubber Vibration Isolation is produced by “ISO9001 certification enterprise” Songjiang Group, Welcome to visit Songjiang Group.

Rated Load
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Songjiang Group BE Rubber Vibration Isolation

Model: BE-40

Rated load: 40KG

Natural frequency: 10±2Hz

Static deformation: ≤4MM


Songjiang Group recommends a simple and practical rubber shock absorber for the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. The rubber vibration isolator for the outdoor unit of the BE air conditioner has a good shock isolation effect. After installation, it can absorb 90% of the low-frequency vibration of the outdoor unit, and the effect is very obvious. It is a must-chosen product for many small air-conditioning outdoor units in small hotels and homes.

After-sales service:

All spring Vibration isolation products are guaranteed for 10 years (indoor use only);

All quality problems caused by written reply within 12 hours,24 hours to provide solutions;

If there are quality problems, free replacement.

Manufacturer: Shanghai Songjiang shock absorber Group Co., LTD

Qualification certificate: certificate of quality, warranty, inspection report, national type test report, third-party performance test report, material report.


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