BGF-DN200 Ripple Compensator


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BGF-DN200 Ripple Compensator

BGF Ripple compensator is produced by “ISO9001 certification enterprise” Songjiang Group, Welcome to visit Songjiang Group.

Maximum Pressure
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Songjiang Group BGF Pipple Compensator

Model: BGF-DN200

Inner Diameter: 200MM

Pressure: 1.0Mpa/1.6Mpa/2.5Mpa

Wave Qty: 6

Corrugated pipe body: In order to have a longer service life, it is all made of stainless steel 304 positive material. It supports various spectrometer detection. The thickness is all thicker than the same industry standard.

Flange:The flanges are all made of authentic Shanxi forging materials, both in terms of strength and sealing properties are excellent materials, do not compare with cast steel, steel plate steel flanges on the market, there is no comparison.

Welding Material:All welding materials are higher than the standard of the base metal to make the welding joints stronger.

Limiting Lugs:All lugs are produced with increased and thicker sizes. Each model can be compared with the same models in the same industry. This is the so-called no harm if there is no comparison.

Limit screw:The screws are all 8.8 high-strength galvanized, in order to ensure the comprehensive strength of the product, do not compare with the market 4.8, meaningless.

Production standard: Songjiang group passes the national pressure pipe production license requirement, TS number: TS2731B90-2020, and is strictly controlled according to the production requirement of TS pressure pipe, so that every corrugated compensator product of factory reaches * qualified.

Section of austenitic stainless steel materials or according to user requirements of materials manufacturing metal bellows expansion, with softness, excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance (- 235 to +450 DEG C), high pressure (up to 32MPa), in the pipeline can be connected to any direction, with temperature compensation and vibration absorption and reduce the noise, changing the medium conveying direction, eliminate the mechanical displacement of the pipe or pipe and between devices, especially for the flexible joint with double flange corrugated metal hose on the displacement and vibration of pump and valve etc..

The metal corrugated expansion joint belongs to a compensation element. The effective expansion and deformation of bellows should be utilized to absorb the size changes caused by thermal expansion, shrinkage and other reasons, or to compensate for axial, lateral and angular displacement of pipelines, pipes and containers. It can also be used for noise reduction and vibration reduction.

The advantages of metal corrugated expansion joint:

1, the compensation can compensate the thermal expansion: multi direction, metal compensator is much better than that of only single compensation.

2, compensation for installation error: as the system error is unavoidable in the process of pipeline connection, the fiber compensator is better compensated for the installation error.

3, noise reduction and vibration reduction: fiber fabric and thermal insulation cotton body itself has the function of sound absorption and vibration isolation. It can effectively reduce the noise and vibration of boiler and fan system.

4, no reverse thrust: because the main material is fiber fabric, the inability to transfer. The use of fiber compensator can simplify the design, avoid the use of large support, and save a lot of material and labor.

5, good high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance: the selected fluoroplastics, organosilicon materials have good resistance to high temperature and corrosion resistance.

6, good sealing performance: a better production and assembly system, fiber compensator can guarantee no leakage.

7, light body, simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance.

8, the price is low, the quality is excellent.

Metal corrugated expansion joint use:

The metal corrugated expansion joint can compensate for axial, lateral and angular directions, and has the characteristics of no thrust, simplified bearing design, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, noise reduction and vibration absorption. It is especially suitable for hot air pipes and dust pipes.
The installation method of the metal corrugated expansion joint and the matters needing attention:

  1. Before installation, the model, specification, pipe and support configuration of corrugated stainless steel ripple compensator must be checked in accordance with the design requirements.
  2. The compensator with a guide tube should be paid attention to the direction of the flow guide tube and the direction of the flow of the medium (according to the flow sign of the compensator). The plane of the hinge of a plane angle compensator should be in accordance with the plane of the displacement.
  3. The compensator needs to be tightened, and the auxiliary component of its pre deformation should be dismantled after the stainless steel ripple compensator is preformed.

4, when the piping system is installed, the compensator should be removed immediately as an auxiliary positioning member and fastener for installation and transportation protection, and the limit device should be transferred to the specified location according to the design requirements. The pipe system can be fully compensated under environmental conditions.

5, it must be noted that the compensator does not absorb the torque, so the compensator is not allowed to be torsional when the stainless steel ripple compensator is installed.

6, in addition to the design requirements for pre drawing or “cold tight” deformation, it is strictly prohibited to use the method of bellows deformation to adjust the deviation of the installation pipeline, so as not to affect the normal function of the compensator, otherwise it will reduce its and increase the load of piping, equipment and supporting components.

7, the pipe is better for neutral. In the absence of other methods, the method of installing the equal length pipe and reinstalling the compensator can be ensured.

8, the insulation layer should be done on the outer protective sleeve of the compensator, and not directly on the corrugated pipe. No chlorine containing thermal insulation materials should be used.

9, it is not allowed to splash the slag to the surface of the bellows during the installation process, so that the ripples are damaged by other mechanical damage.

10, the support must comply with the design requirements, strictly prohibit the pressure test in the pipeline before the support is not installed, so as to prevent the compensator from pulling out.

11,All the active components of the stainless steel ripple compensator shall not be killed or restricted to the normal movement of the active parts of the external components.

Manufacturer: Shanghai Songjiang shock absorber Group Co., LTD

Qualification certificate: certificate of quality, warranty, inspection report, national type test report, third-party performance test report, material report.


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