KXT-DN900 Rubber Expansion Joint


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KXT-DN900 Rubber Expansion Joint

KXT Rubber expansion joint is produced by “ISO9001 certification enterprise” Songjiang Group, Songjiang Group strictly implement raw material standards, production process strictly control.

Max Pressure
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Songjiang Group single ball rubber expansion joint

Model Number: KXT-DN900

Diameter: 900MM

Max Pressure: 1.0 Mpa / 1.6 Mpa

Length: 260mm

Rubber material: NR natural rubber (yunxiang/dongfeng1 #) /EPDM(Mitsui 4045/ Sinopec Mitsui 4045) /NBR (Kunlun N41)/Inner PTFE/ fluorine rubber/food Use

Flange material: QT450 / carbon steel/stainless steel /UPVC

Flange standard: GB/T 9119-2000 (in addition to this flange standard, Songjiang Group can also support more flange standards, if you need to know other flange standards, please click: Rubber joint flange standard)

Suitable for common media: ordinary water, air conditioning water, temperature below 80 degrees: NR natural rubber; (all kinds of acid and alkali, oil, powder and other special media can’t be used, to choose a special rubber material can be used;)

Other media: weak acid strong base, less than 120 degrees high temperature: EPDM rubber joint;

Hydraulic oil, lubricating oil medium: NBR rubber joint;

Special medium: aviation kerosene, gasoline, diesel oil: special NBR rubber joint

Strong acid and alkali, aviation kerosene, gasoline, diesel oil: lined with PTFE rubber joint

<120°C high temperature, strong acid: fluorine rubber joint

Food: food use rubber joint

Advantages: shock absorption, noise reduction, long-term use of protection equipment, reduce maintenance equipment costs.

After-sales service:

Ordinary media, aquatic products quality warranty for 5 years, other media, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance warranty for 3 years, special media, quality warranty for 1 year;

All quality problems caused by written reply within 12 hours,24 hours to provide solutions;

If there are quality problems, our factory will return all the payment.

Manufacturer: Shanghai Songjiang shock absorber Group Co., LTD

Qualification certificate: certificate of quality, warranty, inspection report, RUBBER joint industry TS pressure pipeline production license, national type test report, third-party performance test report, material report.


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