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About Songjiang Group

Shanghai Songjiang Shock Absorber Group Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production, sales of industrial Anti-Vibartion&Noisy group enterprises, It has a high reputation and influence in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, construction, heating,water supply and other industries. Product quality has always been the priority of Songjiang group.

We equipped strong technical force, Fully automatic production equipment, in hence to have the ability to develop and produce various Anti-Vibartion&Noisy products, advanced experimental equipment and perfect detection means. Our factory has passed iso 9001-2015 international quality system certification, OHSAS 18001 occupational health system certification, ISO 14001 environmental management system certification. Shanghai Enterprise safety production standard enterprise, Shanghai Pudong Water Group qualified supplier; It also has the qualification certificate of food-grade rubber expansion joint test report, wading approval, type test report, etc. In 2019, Songjiang Group successfully supplied rubber expansion joints for China commercial aircraft C919. Songjiang Group makes full use of many years of design, production experience, to optimize the combination of products, and strive for stable quality. Products include Rubber expansion joint, spring Anti-vibration Isolation, rubber Anti-vibration Isolation, stainless steel Flexible expansion joint, Flexible metal hose, automobile shock absorber, etc., products applicable to all kinds of water pumps, chiller, air conditioning units, generator sets, diesel generator, compressor, acoustics, punch press, dynamic testbed based vibration, anechoic chamber, transformer, etc.

Songjiang Group invested 120 million RMB to construct the “1.2 million pieces of Anti-Vibartion&Noisy products with annual output” in Nantong Shuangdian Industrial Zone in 2017, which was completed and relocated to the Nantong factory in December 2018. The new factory introduces a large number of automatic intelligent equipment, mainly including an automatic batching machine, automatic feeding machine, automatic rubber mixer, CNC blanking machine, CNC cutting machine, automatic forming machine, automatic vulcanizing machine, machining center, CNC lathe, automatic packaging machine, automatic winding machine, automatic winding machine, automatic winding machine, etc. Nantong factory has its test center, the main testing equipment has a 3-liter mixer, 6-inch open smelting machine, rubber vulcanization machine, universal tensile machine, low-temperature tester, high-temperature tester, wear tester, hardness tester, hydraulic testing machine, blasting testing machine, fatigue testing machine, spectrometer, chloride ion detector, simulated vibration test bench testing, test equipment, etc.
Shanghai Songjiang shock absorber Group Co., Ltd. to quality is the life of Songjiang Group for the factory, to provide vibration isolation and noise reduction solutions for the society, to give our strength for the human quiet living environment.
To committed to provides vibration isolation and noise reduction solutions for the society, and contributes our strength to the quiet living environment for human beings.

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