JA783012W Rubber Vibration Isolation


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JA783012W Rubber Vibration Isolation

JA Rubber Vibration Isolation is produced by “ISO9001 certification enterprise” Songjiang Group, Welcome to visit Songjiang Group.

Rubber Hardness
Average Load
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Songjiang Group JA Rubber Vibration Isolation

Rubber hardness: 45daN/mm

Average load: 47KG

Maximum load: 108KG

Aperture: M12

JA Type rubber vibration isolators are suitable for vibration and shock isolation of various marine, land and aviation machinery and equipment above 1500 rpm. The structure is simple, the installation is more convenient, and the use is safe and reliable.

Advantages of use:

  1. The internal rubber and iron parts are completely glued together, and safety lock parts are attached to ensure safety.
  2. The Vibration Isolation can achieve a high degree of shock absorption effect in axial pressure and lateral pressure.

Applicable equipment:

Suitable for all kinds of generators, water pumps, fans, air conditioning units, etc.

After-sales service:

All spring Vibration isolation products are guaranteed for 10 years (indoor use only);

All quality problems caused by written reply within 12 hours,24 hours to provide solutions;

If there are quality problems, free replacement.

Manufacturer: Shanghai Songjiang shock absorber Group Co., LTD

Qualification certificate: certificate of quality, warranty, inspection report, national type test report, third-party performance test report, material report.


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