ZTY-850-D Spring Vibration Isolation


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ZTY-850-D Spring Vibration Isolation

ZTY spring Vibration Isolation is produced by “ISO9001 certification enterprise” Songjiang Group, Welcome to visit Songjiang Group.

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Songjiang Group ZTY spring Vibration Isolation


Load Range:700-850KG



Material of Spring:automobile spring steel

Shanghai Songjiang absorber group limited official website to introduce you to the hotel: ZTY-10-A fan coil shock absorber, Songjiang group for many star hotels provide a full set of damping noise reduction scheme, recommended lifting spring shock absorber for the fan coil, let the hanging fan give visitors a quiet, quiet and comfortable accommodation.


1.the use of NR shock resistant rubber, long.

2.The suspension frame uses multi-layer antirust paint and tested by salt spray test.

3.Spring antiskid design.

4.the spring is designed with low natural frequency.

5.it can effectively cut off the low frequency noise caused by the vibration.

6.The shock absorption effect can reach 95%-100%

Main uses:

1, hanging air condition, exhaust fan.

2, various types of air duct hanging pipe.

3, all kinds of water pipe hanging pipe.

4, all kinds of hanging power equipment.

After-sales service:

All spring Vibration isolation products are guaranteed for 10 years (indoor use only);

All quality problems caused by written reply within 12 hours,24 hours to provide solutions;

If there are quality problems, free replacement.

Manufacturer: Shanghai Songjiang shock absorber Group Co., LTD

Qualification certificate: certificate of quality, warranty, inspection report, national type test report, third-party performance test report, material report.